Selected Work

These are some of the projects I've been working on lately. Explore my Github repositories to learn more about them!

NotFlix DB - React Client

NotflixDB is a client-side web application built with React which allows users to query a movie database and learn info about movies, actors, directors and genres.

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NotFlix DB - Angular Client

NotFlix DB - Angular is an alternative implementation of the NetflixDB client app, developed using Angular instead of React. It has less functionalities compared to the React version, since it was just a sandbox to practice with Angular.

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NotFlix API - Server

NotFlix API is a server-side web application built with Node, Express and Mongoose, along with other modules, that will provide users with access to information about different movies, directors, and genres. The data is served through API endpoints, stored in a MongoDB database.

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Texter is a chat app for mobile devices developed using React Native + Gifted Chat and Firebase Firestore. The app will provide users with a chat interface and options to share images and their location.

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Meet is a serverless, progressive web application (PWA) made with React, built using a test-driven development (TDD) technique. The application uses the Google Calendar API to fetch upcoming events.

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To-Do List

To-Do List is a simple React front-end application. I used React's hooks in the implementation and I deployed it on Vercel.

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PokeDex is a small web application built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. It loads a Pokemon collection from an external API and lets the user visualize each pokemon in details.

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