What I've been up to

Work Experience

Activision Front End Engineer April 2022 - Today Santa Monica, CA

Front End Engineer under Demonware studio • Front End Development on popular franchising marketing sites such as callofduty.com or crashbandicoot.com • Development of internal tooling such as Expy (AB Testing web application) and Segmentation UI (population segment creation and visualization web application) • UX/UI discussion, decision making and implementation using Figma, React, Material UI, Redux, Java, PostgreDB • Development of custom components for AEM content management system

Freelancing Full Stack Developer July 2021 - April 2022 Los Angeles, CA

Full Stack engineering and development for small businesses • Creation and implementation of UI/UX Design • Development and maintenance of Wordpress websites • Setup and management of local system architecture • SEO optimization • Performance Optimization • Custom templates and modules • Graphic design for printables and web deliverables • System Monitoring • DNS and domain names management • Web App and DB Migration

Studio III Marketing Site Reliability / Front End Engineer July 2017 - July 2021 Glendale, CA

Frontend / backend development and maintenance of ~200 static and dynamic websites • Contribution to repository of in-house built software for content management through Git • Performance analysis and optimization • Application of Google best practices for performance, SEO, accessibility • Code refactoring and debugging • Development of custom templates and modules upon client requests • Setup of Amazon Lightsail, DigitalOcean and MediaTemple instances • Web App Migration • DNS and domain names management

LiberSoft srl Full Stack Developer & DevOps
UI/UX Designer
Sep 2013 - Oct 2016 Pisa, Italy

Frontend / backend development on different platforms (Drupal, WordPress, Moodle, Joomla) • Creation and implementation of UI/UX Design • Development and maintenance of custom modules for SugarCRM and Drupal • Setup and management of local system architecture • Deployment of new functionalities for Django and Symfony apps through Git • Code refactoring • Setup and maintenance of MySQL Databases • Setup and maintenance of Apache and Nginx web servers

Computer Tecnica Engineering Content Creator and Media Editor Jan 2006 - Nov 2009 Lucera , Italy

Copy writing • Organization of the content into grid layout • Editing and update of existing content • Content review and correction • Source verification • Application of editorial policies and publishing requirements • Correction of spelling, syntax and punctuation • Evaluation of manuscripts or other materials submitted for publication • Meetings with authors regarding changes in content, style and organization • Allocation of print space for story, text, photos and illustration • Search using standard reference materials


CareerFoundry Full Stack Web Development Aug 2021 - Nov 2021 Remote

Main achievements: JavaScript • TypeScript • jQuery • React • Node • Angular • RESTful API • React-Native • Express • Mongoose • Expo • NoSQL DB

Università di Pisa Computer Science Sep 2006 - Sept 2010 Pisa (Italy)

Main courses and achievements: Java • C • SQL • PHP • Bash • Assembly • Database programming workshop • Algorithms • Data Structures • Databases • Cryptography • Computer Networks • Computer Architectures • Numerical analysis • Software Engineering • Operative Research